Fedora 38 "Activation of network connection failed" when trying to connect to lan


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Oct 21, 2023
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Hello there,

Ive just set up my pc with fedora 38 workstation as dual boot with win10.
Ive now tried for the last 2h trying to find a solution to the problem, but i just couldnt.
Both from the pc's and routers perpective the connection to the internet should work, but it doesnt.
Im really at the end of ideas, because everything I do seems to make worse, for example, when changing to the dns from automatic to eg. " or", the connection fails instantly.
The "now"-state of my pc is "Activation of network connection failed", just popping up every minute, when fedora is trying again.
I really have next to no clue whats happening, I would really appreciate any help.

G'day @timoocx and welcome to linux.org.

I am by no means an internet connections expert but I can ask a few questions that you can have answers ready for anyone who happens along soon.

Before I do, I'll let you know that Fedora 39 is due out in two days, I believe, so it may be worth holding out for that.

Now to the questions, which relate to both ethernet connection and wifi connection:
1. Do you still have the installation medium (eg USB stick) for Fedora 38 and does it connect OK through that?
2. Can you give us the content of /etc/resolv.conf ?
3. Can you copy and give us the settings from your Windows 10 connection ?

NOTE TO HELPERS - inxi not available to the OP at this point, has to be installed.

Good luck

Chris Turner
I'm not a expert in this area either however; I did learn some commands from reading the Debian documentation about manually configuring your network if the installer doesn't see it.

Find out your ip address, the ip gateway address and the netmask for the router.
From that information you can manually set up your connection.

hostname -I
That's ( the capital letter i) will show you your ip address.

sudo ip route | grep default
Will show you the gateway address.

sudo ifconfig
Will give you the ip address and the netmask.

And finding out what nic is good info. to have too. Just run:
lspci | grep -i network

IF ifconfig returns command not found it's most likely not installed. To install it this tutorial is a place to start.

What desktop environment are you using on Fedora 38? Gnome? XFCE? LXQT?
The Network Manager Command Line Interface for Fedora looks like greek to me, timoocx, sorry I can't help more.

Hang in there, we have some really skilled members here.-:)
does the network run with windows side of things?
what information comes from ifconfig run from the command line? (this is in linux fedora)

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