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Excited for Linux.org?



So it's official - we'll be sending out a formal press release early next week, but most people have figured out that we're recoding and will be relaunching the famous Linux.org site in the coming weeks!

What features did you like from the original and what would you like to see added?


That's pretty cool! Will the forum still remain or will it completely vanish during the making of the sight? I'm just already starting to gain knowledge through this forum, I don't want to lose that knowledge after this forum goes down.
The forum will still be here :). We're hoping to get more traffic to it so it'll grow :)
This sounds great, good luck with it. You're doing an awesome job! :D
All I really remember from the old site is that it was red...lol

Anyway, I think you guys should definitely work on the distribution tracking and search system. I found a lot of distros on there that didn't exist, as well as some good ones that were hard to find. A list sorted by popularity would be great too.
I am looking forward to seeing it. And I am glad that the forum will still be here. I am sure that it will be super awesome!
That's a really good and professional domain you own. I haven't noticed it before, but Linux.org is something i'd love to see over here.

Maybe it could replace the portal we have now.
I have no idea that you guys are also the ones from Linux.org. I really loved that site and that's where I read all about Linux basics. I took time to study the course that you offered for free and I did learn a lot from there. Thanks to you guys.

I hope you still have that course for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. I'm looking forward to the new version of the site.
I wasn't over at the other website. I can't wait to see linuxforums.org. It would be great to have some more & new members posting around here. Keep us updated! :)
yes linux.org reminds me the old days and free email account :)
Linux.org is the shit lol. I also read the course for free and pretty much learned all the real basics in and out of Linux distro. I personally can not wait till this is done and Linux.org is transformed. There were a lot of helpful information on the site let's add a ton more and help everyone that is on need of help.
Also if you guys need help with anything I mean like anything this could be cleaning toilets please let us know then and I am glad to help by any means.

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Until ACTA takes effect - J/K

I have been there before to learn a few tricks in the past. Linux.org was/is and should be a first stop shop for most noobs.
Could you have a separate area for Youtube Video tutorials?
That would be beneficial.
Also congratulations on the new site re launch.
It would be so nice to just have a site with just the URL of Linux. It would make it seem so much more official and it would act as a Hub for everything having to do with Linux.
Update: It's coming along well.. we're HOPING to launch Monday, Apr 30th!
Awesome! That's just 5 days from today. Can't wait to see the new revamped homepage. I'm hoping for an interlinked website chain or web where all the Forums and webhosting linux forums could be put up.
Well, we kinda blew past our Apr 30th date, but we're pushing really hard this week and we hope to have it launched tomorrow or Friday at the latest! :D
We ALMOST launched today.


We are going to launch Monday, May 7th by end of day.

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