Error wiping device failed to probe the device - udisks-error-quark 0


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my SD card keep showing this message. everytime I delete files.. and again same files are in the card.
tried to format with linux. it keeps saying udisk-error-quark 0
anyone can help me test my sd card?


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Enter this in your terminal: lsblk | grep part
You will get an output similar to this:
sdX1 8:3 0 24.4G 0 part
Then the disk with the same size as your sdcard is the on you want.
Then check for errors in the kernel ring buffer, type this in the terminal:

dmesg | grep sda (replace sdX with your sdcard device from the previous output)
It will display all output related to sdcard device in the kernel ringbuffer including
other errors or other info. If you see anything with i/o errors your sdcard is probably
broken. If your sdcard is not broken you can create a new filesystem on the partition of your sdcard

Format the partition with a new filesystem. BEWARE!! This will wipe all the data on your sdcard
mkfs.vfat /dev/sdX1 (replace sdX1 with your sdcard device from the previous output)
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