Dual booting Ubuntu Went Wrong? (Stuck on Grub Screen)


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Jun 19, 2019
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Hi Guys,

I am new here and was searching for help online and though asking in a forum would help. I recently installed ubuntu (dual boot with windows 10) it booted fine in the first place however, after I shutdown my laptop turned it back on and now it is stuck on the grub loader screen, I can see ubuntu on there however when i press enter nothing happens. It kind of messed up both of my installations as I cannot even go back to Windows 10 see below images for the errors, so If i select Windows 10 it gives me the following error and if I go for ubuntu it gets stuck on grub screen :(

I tried following the tutorials below but they didn't help can anyone please shed some light on this as I did not have a backup. Thank you

1: http://linuxbsdos.com/2015/09/05/how-to-delete-grub-files-from-a-boot-efi-partition-in-windows-10/
2: https://securedyou.com/how-to-delete-grub-loader-windows-10-boot-efi-partition/


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At this point I think your only option is to insert your Ubuntu DVD / USB media and either try to repair Grub or reinstall Ubuntu and see if that works.

Exactly why I will only dual boot using separate drives with the OSs own boot loader on each drive.

Inserting the dual boot flash drive that I made for ubuntu worked, (Thank you so much) I repaired the grub files/loader and I can go back to ubuntu but the windows as the same issue? Should I try to make a bootable drive of Windows and see if that can repair Windows?
You can try a bootable Windows DVD / USB and see if you can repair Windows.

If you are able to repair Windows boot loader you may not be able to boot into Ubuntu.
These may help.

Hi, lol the second link fixed it and I almost lost it and gave up :D thank you so much
Thank you, everyone, for the help, seriously I almost went rage mode because of it. This forum and the people here are amazingly talented.
These may help.


These may help.

This fixed my problem.Glad I found this. Second link . Step 1.
Had cloned my drive to a sata drive. This had screwed up grub.

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