Downloaded Nvidia driver, how do I open it ?



Ok guys new to Linux and spamming this Forum at the moment with inane questions :)

I've downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for my Geforce 250, Now i have the file in my downloads folder, so what now ? I have the option of 'opening with geddit', I do that and a window opens up which is what now ?

I appreciate that Linux isn't quite as idiot proof as Windows, any help appreciated

Thanks, is it complicated to install manually, is it something a newbie like me could do ?
If you don't go for the PPA install there is this:

You will need to check the number of your issue. It might need to be changed from the one in the article.
That article is missing a few things. Make sure you have linux-headers installed for the kernel you are using. Then blacklist the Nouveau drivers:
make sure no nvidia drivers have been installed by apt-get, then run the installer.

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