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Don't need movie display on laptop

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by PBroaderly, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. PBroaderly

    PBroaderly Guest

    I am looking for a new laptop with a 4:3 display aspect ratio. One can connect a second monitor to watch movies, right? Have any computer user groups continued development of new laptops with the 4:3 display aspect? If not, might some group bring this design feature back? Thank you.

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  2. Jamsers

    Jamsers Guest

    I don't think they make laptops with a 4:3 aspect ratio display anymore. Heck, they don't even make monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio anymore. 16:9 is the new standard now not only because it's better for watching movies but because it resembles the human field of view more closely, and it allows more applications to be fit into a single screen, allowing for better efficiency in everything you do. The only gadget I know of that uses a 4:3 aspect ratio screen is Apples iPad. Don't expect manufacturers to return the 4:3 aspect ratio screens into mainstream production. ;-)
  3. Nowadays, I doubt 4:3 ratio laptops are being made anymore. You might want to try connecting a projector and watching it on the wall of your house. It's actually pretty enjoyable, and it feels like an actual movie theater as well.
  4. scotty

    scotty Guest

    Oh Darth, I like that idea! I am very interested in hooking up a projector in my house, do you have any recommendations?

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