Debian 8.0 Jessie has been released!



Where you are using Debian Linux, a derivative Distro of Debian, such as Ubunto, or Mint, or some other unrelated Distro, I would recommend downloading and testing this new version of one of the oldest, and most stable Distros of Linux.

See the announcement here, or download the Debian Jessie Distro from the download page. Debian Jessie does use systemd, along with the latest version of Ubuntu.

Let the barbecue commence!
Not sure how to interpret that! ;^)

Barbecue in celebration!


Burn Debian at the stake for switching to systemd.

I have no real problem with systemd. Yes, we will have to learn the differences, but Debian would not have switched if they didn't think it benefited Debian in the long run.

I would have more problems if I was forced to use vi instead of emacs!!! ;^)
emacs? Burn the witches!

As far as benefiting Debian, the first question to ask is: Who really benefits? The users, the developers, or some subset of either? It's certainly an issue that will generate more heat than light.
Debian 8.5 just got released to day and I was wondering what is the life cycle for this distro as far as updates and support? Standard 3 years?
I did not see this, I posted a problem I have been having with Debian on Hardware. I have four Monitors, only two work with Debian, all four work with Ubuntu and Mint and openSuse? Please see that post titled 4 Monitors 2 Work on Hardware Thanks

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