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Hi there! I'm kindda new to linux and i'm tryng to leave windows behind. As one of the main uses I give my computer is music creation, I wanted to know if anyone had experiencies with DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation). I usually use REAPER, FRUITY LOOPS and/or ABLETON. Do you guys think it's possible for me to switch to linux? I'm also running a Focusrite 2i4 Sound Interface, which usually needs it's drivers in order to work.

Oh i forgot, which linux distribution do you recommend for me?

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you in advance.


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G'day @Kappio and welcome to linux.org :)

A brief Google search under keywords

linux distro making music

showed me first this one


It's 2020 current.

I am not a muzo myself, but a friend from another forum used to swear by Ubuntu Studio, and he played keyboards in a music combo.

Another option is to make friends with AlternativeTo.net

If you for example type in

alternative to fruity loops

in your search engine, you will find a number of choices there, look for the ones marked Linux.

You will find, too, that there is a Reaper for Linux.

Good luck

Chris Turner


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Damn it. Sorry for being lazy, and thank you again.
Apology accepted !!!......you can definitely stay, Kappio !!!!


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Meet my fellow Aussie Brian @Condobloke - cutest thing about him is his dog Belle ;)

Actually, if you come back here to this Thread sometime with feedback about how you go, we can add it to our knowledge base.


I hope you'll come back and let us know how you get on. I'm in a similar ish position to you. Once I get my Linux machine running I'll be investigating Reaper which I've used previously on 'another' operating system. I also have a Focusrite 2i4 so would be very interested to hear how that works in Linux.


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For recording demo ideas for my bands, I used to use Ardour, with Hydrogen for quickly programming drum ideas, JACK for routing audio and midi between various bits of hardware and software, a few free synths, a few Jack plugins and other JACK aware software like Guitarix (virtual guitar amp), a number of VST plugins (but only native Linux plugins, no windows plugins with wine - they tend to crash!). I have a digidesign/protools mbox2 audio interface for recording anything via a direct input (Guitar/bass) , or via a microphone (vocal’s, guitar,bass etc).

The Mbox works out of the box, which was a surprise. The kernel already has drivers for it!!
And I had a usb midi interface that I used to use for other MIDI devices (like my electronic drum kit). But I think I lent that interface to somebody and never got it back?!!

That was on my old laptop though. I haven’t got around to setting it all up on my current one. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but just haven’t got around to it yet!

But it was a handy little a set up. Ardour is an extremely capable DAW.

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