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data recovery wont work with gpart, formated external drive by mistake


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i hope this is the right place to post this...

hey everyone, i have very important data that i stored on a drive that i formated with gparted (by error), i know im very stupid

the file system is ext4 (i used mkfs.ext4 on it long ago) and the new format is the same, so gparted only took 13 seconds to format, i believe my data was not erased and is accessible but i dont know how.

gparted has a rescue option that use gpart but gpart cant recognize ext4 file systems

im stuck and i really need help, thank you in advance!


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g'day all :)

gparted has an option which is simply: edit->undo last operation
only works if you are still in session with gparted - one you exit, or reboot, it is greyed out.

this may be your best bet.

@astrale are you still using linux mint, if so which version?

TestDisk is in your repositories

sudo apt-get -y install testdisk
i can't help much (broken shoulder) but articles to read and adapt include


and from christophe grenier himself


good luck

chris turner


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Hey everyone thanks for all your replies!

this time i might really need help ;)

im not on mint anymore, i was trying out a few other OS's when the catastrophy happened!
im currently on pop!_os

i have installed test disk and am now delving into CGSecurity and others (you'll hear from me soon)


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okay here goes my first attempt
sudo testdisk
it ask i select a drive i select dev/sdc (this is my problematic drive it might not be yours if you have the same problem)
it ask the partition table type, i think it is Intel/PC
then i choose analyze, then there was no choice : quick analyse

the analyse is now running


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i tried testdisk, but it took very long
in the meantime i discovered i had a backup of all my personal data so i thought i'd give up and start using the drive again

im just realizing now i lost a part of my data which is very very sad so if you have the same problem, be rational, dont follow my lead!

testdisk had finished its "quick analyze" and didnt found any of my files, i didnt follow through with its "in depth analyze"

advice to the wise, dont choose ext4 for your file system, most of the savior tools out there dont recognize it very well, go with ext2 max (which is recognized by gparted) or fat32 which is recognisez by anyone!

i must now mourn the text, notes and other stuff i've written that are forever lost ...

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