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Jun 12, 2019
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when building a pc, does "OS" matter? For example, if a motherboard says "compatible with: windows 10".
Does that
matter? Or can I run Linux fine?

Normaly it just can.
The mainboard manufacturers just testet it with Windows
It would be pretty rare to find a Windows compatible motherboard that will not work with Linux. But there can be issues or problems in some cases, and some mobo's work better than others. If building a PC for Linux, a good reference to check is where he has about 140 motherboard reviews.
it just means that it is powerful enough to run that. nobody cares about that though bcuz at my school effectively all of our epc's say "compatibility" and the poor things are running windows 10. so if your computer can run that thing then it will run linux fine. my laptop says "compatible with windows 7" and I had windows 10 on it for a while and now it runs manjaro kde plasma fine
@Nissakiorate ....the link provided by @atanere is very worthwhile information. Zero in on the comments left with each motherboard review and you will garner all sorts of good advice. It does not take long to get a good idea of what is available and better yet sort some of the wheat from the chaff.

personally I like THIS
Most likely, yes, it will work but as for the occasional hardware compatibility issue some operating system distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora have kernel regression tests and automatic error reporting services that report hardware issues and the developers really do work on the problems when they find them
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