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Oct 22, 2020
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It's been many years since I Cloned one HDD to another and took a long time to do this...then about 12 years ago (could be more) I found creating an Image was much better and quicker. Of cause now with SSDs it's even faster but a few days ago I encountered a I've never had before...I tried to put an image of my Towers SSD on my Laptops SSD but it failed as it doesn't work.

I can take my Towers SSD which is the same size as the Laptops SSD (500GB) and put it in the Laptop and it works just fine...I'm using Mint Cinnamon 21.1...the only thing I have to do is re-establish the WIFI connection. So would Cloning do the job...I got out my Cloning Tool which is USB 2.0 to IDE and SATA Cable which is many years old...I thought there must be something better.

Of cause there is...

All of those cables replaced by just one and is USB 3.1 too

So how will it go...With my Laptops SSD connected to the USB 3.1 cable and plugged in to my Desktops USB 3 port and with my Flash Drive with Foxclone...I booted to Foxclone and Cloned my Desktops SSD to my Laptops SSD as shown here...

Used space on my Towers SSD is clone it took...4.30 minutes
that can't be I put it in my Laptop...Booted it up and it's good...did need to re-establish the WIFI connection which was easy.
So when I do a clean install on my Tower and install everything I want...I just Clone it to my Laptop...of cause I'll create an image of my Towers times have changed...hope this helps someone.
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@bob466 What is the name of the below....I cant read the name on it...your pics are not screenshots....when I click on them they dont enlarge


Was this an ebay buy ?
The pic was taken with my it from the local computer shop as I don't like waiting.

Alogic USB 3.1 USB-A (M) To SATA (for 2.5" hard drive) adapter cable. That's whats on the label.


Here's another brand that does the same thing.

Simplecom USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter Cable​

I have a couple of usb-sata cables [and a power supply] I have a twin usb2-sata, a single usb3-sata, and just in case I am cloning an old disc spinner a 12v sata power supply
I've been using USB to SATA cables for a few years, they're great, especially with SSD, no need to worry about buying external enclosures; I also use them to hang ordinary HDD off my computers, those that don't have internal disks of a reasonable size, (most of my thin clients); & for backing up purposes.
As for Imaging...this is what I use with either Foxclone or Redorescue and sometimes both...

A 1TB portable SSD and a 32GB Flash Drive with Ventoy installed that has Foxclone or Redorescue plus Mint Cinnamon 21.1

For me Imaging is the way to's easy to do and you don't have to take out the Drive like you must for Cloning but now with Cloning and it's modern tools as shown above it saves me from doing a clean install on my Laptop...then installing everything I did which is so must faster too.
I Cloned my Towers SSD to my Laptops SSD...can I now create an Image of my Laptops Cloned SSD ?

The answer is yes
I did it if I do anything stupid as I've done in the past...I just put the Image back on the Drive without having to take out the Drive and Clone it again.
Before I clone the main drive on a computer, I always disable networking in its operating system first.

I prefer to store, search, and backup email locally. I do not like to leave email on the server. Yes, it means that I read email from my personal computer, not my phone. (My phone has an independent email address for notifications.) In addition, there are other automated tasks that my computer performs on the internet.

By disabling networking first before cloning the drive, I ensure that if someone boots the clone, it won't go out and make irretrievable changes on the internet, like gathering and deleting email, running automated tasks, etc.
Before I clone the main drive on a computer, I always disable networking in its operating system first.

I used to do this in windowz years ago...can't remember why now...think it had something to do with m$.

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