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I think this is general Linux, though I'm actually using Ubuntu Studio.

I have a laptop that has been running for years and been upgraded through various versions of the kernel.

The current kernel is 5.x and /boot has config-5..., initrd.img-5...,, and vmlinuz-5...

It also has a lot of versions of config-3.x.., initrd.img-3.x..,, and vmlinuz-3.x.

sudo apt autoremove and sudo apt autoremove --purge does not get rid of the 3.x files.

Is it safe to just delete them? They don't show in the grub menu at boot, is a grub update required after I delete them?



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Perhaps these will help.


I don't recommend using BleachBit unless you fully understand each feature before using it.

Haphazardly using BleachBit can and will make a fully working Linux Distro a broken Linux Distro beyond repair.
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