Chrome not installing



Hello everyone,
I am still relatively new to the Linux world and am enjoying it so far!
I recently installed Fedora 18 on my new custom built PC (64 bit) and its very fast, I love the OS!
Sadly though I am having trouble with installing the google chrome browser,
I downloaded the RPM package from the google chrome website and ran it, (64 bit)
and it runs and asks me to put in my password it continues running until I get to the download spot and the loading bar just stops, I have been waiting a half an hour for chrome to download and install, and it's still on download.
My Internet connection seems fine, I have installed all the updates in the software center and ran

sudo yum install update

And came up with no updates.
A couple of weeks ago I installed fedora 18 on an old laptop (32 bit) and the first thing I did was update it and install chrome, it worked fine, but I don't know how long it took because I was doing other things.

Please help!



Thanks, i figured it out though.
I needed to install another package, it told me this when i ran it with terminal.
Thanks though!


Chrome always poses problems in Linux in the installation procedure..


Linux doesn't like installing spyware like Chrome.

Why not use FireFox, it is much better and has add-ons to aid in no tracking and security?

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