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I started using Ubuntu one year ago on an old laptop and I wanted to do a refresh and install a lightweight distro to my computer. I tried Trisquel Mini and loved it. So, I installed it to my machineto make a dual boot. When I clicked on the option, a loading appers and after hours and hours nothing had change. So, I decided to restart my pc to start again the process. When I came back to the installer the option was no longer here, all I can do was wiping out my disk drive to install trisquel. I had make a backup of my files so that wasn't a huge problem for me. The problem is, Trisquel said to me there was a problem with my hard disk drive and that I couldn't install the os. I tried loading again Ubuntu and the only thing I get is a black screen with a white line in the left corner. What can I do to install a new os ?


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What is the make and model of your laptop?

If a flashing cursor appears at the top left it is usually a video/graphics issue. Does your laptop have a graphics card?

One "temporary" fix to bypass a video/graphics problem is to use nomodeset. This bypasses the GPU and allows basic access.
It's an old laptop it does not have a graphic card. I think it's an HDD problem. I'll try to boot an other os from my USB stick to see what happen

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