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hello everybody,
first of all, i hope that this is the right place to put the thread :)

i never used linux before, i have always been a windows user.
i already know C, Matlab, AMPL and Latec.
next year i have a course called "parallel computing" where we have to program in C++ parallel compuing and everybody told me that for parallel computing it's needed Linux.
now i just wanted to know which one distro is the best in your opinion and if you can tell me pros & cons i would thank you really much.
i usually use computer for programming.

thanks for answers and sorry for bad english



Harikrishnan R

There is pretty much no difference between any distro for programming. You can get all the essential features in any distro. All you need are the compilers (which are independent of the distro) and a text editor/IDE. Almost all popular distros can run Code::Blocks and Geany.
If you want a lightweight distro (one which has lesser features but is faster and takes less space), you might want to try Lubuntu or #! (Crunchbang Linux).
If you want a standard OS where you can get support easily, try Fedora or Debian.


I agree with DevynCJohnson, Ubuntu is good for developing.
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Unless you are using a very minimal, stripped down Linux Distro, then any of the top ten Distros would be fine for development. If you are comfortable with one specific Distro, then that is the one you should use.

Development is one of the most important areas in Linux. All the tools needed SHOULD be available in most if not all Distros.

Check out the Top Ten Distributions or Page Hit Ranking on

If you ask ten different people, you will get ten different answers, for 10 different reasons. Trying out different Distros before settling one one is highly recommended. I did this before I settled on Debian for all my Laptop, Desktop, and Server systems. Again, this is my opinion, and many will of course disagree with my choice. The transition to systemd only complicates the issue.

Check out the Live CD list. You can cut any of these to a CD or DVD to test out a Distro without having to install the Distro onto a PC first! A good GREAT way of testing out multiple Distros!

Good luck!
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