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Australia - The Land Down Under

That was a good show !!
Cody (Adam Ryen), a boy living in the Australian outback, frees a rare golden eagle from a trap. When an evil poacher (George C. Scott) kidnaps Cody to catch the eagle, a group of local animals contacts the Rescue Aid Society in New York City, who assign their top mice, Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Bianca (Eva Gabor), to the case. To save Cody and the eagle, the agents fly to Australia on a clumsy albatross (John Candy) and enlist the help of an adventurous kangaroo rat (Tristan Rogers).
It even had John Candy playing a part in it....he was one of favourite actors , and people.

Watchers of this topic who have young children would do well to put this show up on the telly for them

Just to swerve off the above topic(s)......I have just read an article entitled Australia's trade clash with China is a lesson in what Beijing's power really means

Located Here

Any Aussie who has been around for sufficient years will bemoan the death of Australian Industry.....which died a slow death due to the importation of cheap goods from overseas....Taiwan, China India etc etc....
Why did Australia allow it to happen....?.....because at the heart of every purchase made by the people of Australia, is the hip pocket nerve....price.
Touch the pocket and you touch the heart.

The quality of those goods is another subject. Almost needless to say that the initial quality was very, very poor. In more recent times the quality has increased sharply, and the price has risen with it. Small engines, pumps, compressor motors, generators etc etc from china used to be terrible quality with a price point so low it was hard to believe.
Now......the quality is up there with the best in the world....and the price is up there as well !

As the chinese used to say (many years ago)....we will not bother to invade you....we will simply cut off our supply and sell you to the highest bidder.
Australia is approaching summer.....

.....and the bit about the bedourie camp oven......

The Bedourie oven is an Australian adaptation of the camp oven (Dutch oven). Drovers working on Bedourie Station, in western Queensland, found that the heavy cast iron camp ovens they used for cooking would often break as a result of falling from their pack horses. The Bedourie oven was developed in response to this problem. Formed from mild steel, it is lighter and less brittle than cast iron, and will not break if dropped.

There is also a reference on the wiki page, to australian folklore...
Who was 'Anzac mac'? 'Blue Bob of Borroloola'? 'Crooked Mick of the Speewah'? How did the terms pommy, jackeroo and 'cocky-farmer' originate? What is the meaning of phrases like 'Beyond the Black Stump', 'It's a find day for travelling' and 'To give someone the drum'? Australian folklore has all the answers......written by Bill Wannan, I can recommend it for its authenticity.

Possibly available on Amazon
The google link leads HERE

Bill Wannan was quite prolific
Wolf Creek was originally said to be based on the backpacker murders perpetrated by Ivan Milat....although those murders took place in a state forests in the Sydney area......a long way from where wolf creek was filmed.

The stories that abound from the Alice Springs to Darwin area are blown out of proportion by the media....mainly because that area is a long way from the main capital cities of Australia....and so the media can use more than a bit of 'journalistic licence' so as to make the crimes committed there seem a little more spooky and 'out of control' than they actually are.

The most evil of Australia's murderers was Ivan Milat.

Wolf Creek has a cult following....largely due to the main character played by John Jarrat .....very much an Aussie character in his own right

One of the reviews of wolf creek said "A grimy gut-chiller that unsettles as much as it thrills, violently shunting you to the edge of your seat before clamping onto your memory like a rusty mantrap. Feel the fear"

I am inclined to agree !

A murder which is still unsolved/doubted to this day, is that of British tourist, Peter Falconio
Bradley Murdoch was tried and convicted of his murder, but quite some doubt exists re his guilt.
As dishonest as Murdoch was, I still do not believe he was guilty of this murder.

Thanks for reading our posts about Australia, @f33dm3bits
Even though it's not based on actual facts, is Wolf Creek itself a real place in Australia?
As with most movies bad on "real events", there is a certain degree of 'flexibility' taken with the cold hard truth. For instance wolf creek, does exist, but its real name is 'Wolfe Creek'....it is a site located in northern Western Australia, and is a meteorite crater.....very picturesque........The actual filming location was in South Australia in 2004

The film was ambiguously marketed as being "based on true events", while its plot bore elements reminiscent of the real-life murders of backpackers by Ivan Milat in the 1990s and Bradley Murdoch in 2001, both of which McLean used as inspiration for the screenplay.

Produced on a $1.1 million budget, filming of Wolf Creek took place in South Australia; the film was shot almost exclusively on high-definition video. It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2005. It was given a theatrical release in Ireland and the United Kingdom in September 2005, followed by a general Australian release in November, apart from the Northern Territory, out of respect for the pending trial surrounding the murder of Peter Falconio.[8] In the United States and Canada, it was released on Christmas Day 2005, distributed by Dimension Films.

The crater was featured in the 2005 horror film Wolf Creek, and the sequel in 2013, Wolf Creek 2. It also features in the Stan Australia streaming service original television series with the same name.

It was the setting for Arthur Upfield's 1962 novel The Will of the Tribe.

The Wolfe Creek crater has considerable claim to be the second most 'obvious' (i.e. relatively undeformed by erosion) meteorite crater known on Earth, after the famous Barringer Crater in Arizona.

The crater is mentioned in the 2010 children's science fiction book Alienology that says (in its universe) that a space craft crashed there.

Did wolf creek achieve its objective to make money ?...apparently yes......it was filmed on a budget of around $1 million dollars and grossed around $35 million (aud)

"Though Wolf Creek is effectively horrific, it is still tasteless exploitation."....the critics gave it a hard time.......and yet it has a 'cult' following, which exists to this day.

Informative reading... https://www.oxygen.com/martinis-mur...d-horror-film-ivan-milat-bradley-john-murdoch

Wolf Creek was marketed in both Australia and international markets as being "based on a true story", though it is in actuality a composite inspired by several true crimes (including the aforementioned killings by Milat and Murdoch)

The Milat and Murdoch cases make for much better reading because at least there is quite a bit of fact involved.....although in Murdoch's case there has never been a body found of Peter Falconio, so there remains more than a shred of doubt as to Murdoch's guilt.

when Ivan Milat dies in jail, his last words were "I dont care,".....Murdoch has likewise not confessed, and is notorious for being a man of few words.

Wolf Creek 3: Director Greg McLean confirms third instalment is ready to go. ITS been 12 years since Mick Taylor was first imagined in director Greg McLean's breakthrough film, Wolf Creek. Now Taylor reveals there are “a couple of screenplays ready to go and become Wolf Creek 3 the movie”
On Ivan Milat - his trial was conducted in Sydney. Brisbane lawyer Andrew Boe got a name for himself as being Milat's lawyer. Boe recruited Peter Callaghan SC (Senior Counsel, one below QC Queen's Counsel) to defect from the Crown, where I worked with him in the early 90's, to become Junior Counsel during the trial.

Just some trivia and name-dropping :)
Kids at a wildlife park near Sydney

(the one on the right is one of my granddaughters, Ani )

ani n friend.jpg
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covid-19.......Australian study shows wastewater testing can detect coronavirus weeks before people show symptoms...

Scientists have found sewage testing for COVID-19 can detect the genetic fingerprint of the virus up to three weeks before cases are reported through clinical testing of infected people.

Key points:
  • The study confirmed wastewater tests detect the virus before infected people feel sick
  • The research was conducted using archival samples from February this year
  • Wastewater testing has gained international recognition as an important tool in the pandemic response
The Australian-first study by national science agency CSIRO and the University of Queensland is hoped to enable health authorities to avoid full lockdowns in the future and instead safely contain small areas where outbreaks have occurred.

poo tank.jpg

Testing is conducted at a wastewater treatment plant (photo courtesy CSIRO

{CSIRO .... Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation }

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