Asus USB dongle for wifi.


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Hello All, I'm rather new to Linux in terms of using it for computing. I recently installed Xubuntu to a stick computer I use for streaming on my t.v. This computer originally came with Windows 10 and I believe that this particular copy of windows 10 was broken or had been tampered with in some way seeing as it would crash all the time and couldn't download updates.

I grew very tired of dealing with issue and decided to give Linux a try since all I'm doing using it to stream.

So here is my question. After I Installed Xubuntu the wifi chip no longer functioned. I tried to have it install addtional drivers but all it says is no addtional drivers needed. The computer originally shipped with an Intel Atom Cherry trail chipset and I haven't got a clue where to begin trying to locate drivers for the wifi module. I went out and purchased a Asus USB wifi dongle to try and get some wifi on it. Well it doesn't function either and I've searched through so many different help topics with no avail

Is there something I'm doing wrong when trying to get this hardware functioning? I just need some guidance on how to get some wifi on this thing.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!
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