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May 2, 2024
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I am thinking about getting a new laptop Asus B1502. The plan is to do a backup of windows and then install Linux. As a beginner I am thinking Linux Mint or Ubuntu.
I have come across people having issues with installing these distros on Asus laptops. Does anyone have experience with this model and linux? Is it smooth or is it better to find a different laptop?

There is not a lot in them that I would expect to cause too many problems, personally I would avoid any model with flash card main drive [UFS] I cannot comment on the wi-fi as the spec doesn't tell us which chip-set it has, most of the problems I have come across are related to ASUS models with hybrid graphics [the Rog and Tufft ranges] there are more Linux friendly makes on the market [Del and Lenovo are popular] but all makes can throw up the odd problem.
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I have a ASUS vivobook E510MAB that I use daily. {It is one of the cheaper models}
My distro is Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia.
Since wiping Windows and replacing it with LM I have had no problems whatever.
Everything worked out of the box.
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