32 bit is it supported?

keith 1955

Hello to all.

I have a HP Tower PC 10 years old with 4GB ram AMD Athlon 7550 dual core 2.50 GHZ and its a 32 bit machine which is running fine with windows 7 at the moment.
I would like to convert to Linux but i keep reading no Disto is now supporting 32 bit machines, is this true?.
I only need a simple version, just to read online emails etc and as I'm new to Linux something that has a windows 7 feel would be good just until i find my way.

So if anyone could advise i would be very grateful,



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Hi Keith, and welcome! Don't let Windows fool you... it is Windows that is 32-bit, not your CPU. With 4GB of RAM, you'll be good to run just about any Linux you want. Try some out, and have fun!



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Hi atanere.

Thank you for your quick reply, i will try things out and let you know how it goes.
There are dozens of good distros, and each of them has fans that promote them. My daily computer is similar to yours, and I'd certainly suggest that you try Linux Mint (distro) using the MATE desktop. They actually make a 32-bit version, but you are better off using the 64-bit. Many of the desktops are similar to Windows, but a few give a different look and feel... more modern I guess (though I like traditional).

The Linux .iso files are usually pretty big, in the ballpark of 2GB. You'll be learning how to "burn" the .iso file to a DVD or USB so it will boot your computer. Once you boot up on it, you can run it in "live mode" without making any changes to your computer, or you can choose to install it to your hard drive. If your Windows is important to you, you need to go slowly at this step or you could lose your Windows and files (backups are a must to safeguard important stuff). Linux will be more than happy to erase Windows completely if you are ready for that step.

There are tons of articles and instructions, here on linux.org and all over the internet, that describe burning the .iso file and installing Linux. But with so many different computers, some of the information can seem conflicting. It isn't really... there is usually just more than one way to do things with Linux.

Anyway, you'll learn new stuff, but we all think it's worth the effort. Linux rocks! :D



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I would like to convert to Linux but i keep reading no Disto is now supporting 32 bit machines, is this true?.
Patently untrue. :)


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Welcome to linux.org @keith 1955 :)

We could list some for you, but it is a moot point, as Stan (@atanere ) has correctly stated, your processor supports 64-bit (even to Windows 10, if you wished), and that is your better option in choices.

...they have now undone that decision and will support 32 bit again.
Not quite so correct, TJ :).

On reading the ZDNet link you gave, it is the 32-bit libraries that Canonical (makers of Ubuntu) that are being returned, not the .isos . They stopped shipping 32-bit isos a few years ago.


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... the above applies only to the Live Installer isos.

If you wanted to install using the Network Installer option, you can get it from Ubuntu's Alternative Downloads for v16.04 'Xenial Xerus' LTS (long term support), 18.04 'Bionic Beaver' LTS, and 19.04 'Disco Dingo' Point Release (9 months support).


The Ubuntu "Community Spins", which include Ubuntu MATE (up to 18.04.2 only), Lubuntu (up to 19.04), Xubuntu (up to 18.04.2 only), Ubuntu Budgie (up to 18.04.2 only) and the like, are still freely available for some part.

Again, this for The Viewers, as the OP (Original Poster, Keith) now has more options.

Enjoy your Linux, folks

Chris Turner

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I will be trying Mint 64 bit out from a pen drive to get the feel first, possibly trying others at a later date.
And here's a good way to do that.

Although written for Linux Mint it works for most other Linux Distros also.

Have a read.



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