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    Preboot malware

    Hi all. I'll keep it short for starters. I'm writing on my phone as my laptop has been rendered useless by a trojan somewhere in preboot/firmware. Basically I've seen it load a bundle of malicious scripts and binaries into /usr/share as readonly tmpfs and it symlinks everything in /sbin and...
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    I think i catch a virus in my linux system. It is possible with this signs?

    One day i decided to navigate in dark (but legal) internet sites, and actually downloaded some .mp4 files that i tried to reproduce (and failed with every video player that i have installed, maybe those where not real .mp4 files). After that, weird things start to happen in my computer (Xubuntu...
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    Is Linux support digital Art pro? how can i protect my PC from virus?

    hi i'm new in Linux so i want to know if it support digital art pro and movie edit , video montage maker and record program animation pro ? what is the version i should install ? and how can i protect my PC from virus?