I think i catch a virus in my linux system. It is possible with this signs?


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Apr 9, 2021
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One day i decided to navigate in dark (but legal) internet sites, and actually downloaded some .mp4 files that i tried to reproduce (and failed with every video player that i have installed, maybe those where not real .mp4 files).
After that, weird things start to happen in my computer (Xubuntu 20.04). First, i see that a new program runs automatically at login with my computer: the "notes" application that comes with xfce. Second, the fan of my computer was extremely stressed just the next time i use my computer, when usually I only use like 4% of my CPU with Firefox + Spotify opened; I open the Task Manager and the cpu was like always, with that 4% usage, but the fan was still stressed. Then when I turn off my computer (and was what concerned me the most) the light that is up my CPU (in the case) start to blink, like when i suspend my computer, not like when I turn it off. And every time I log in in my computer i get a message "Ubuntu 20.04 crashed" (and ask me if i want to send information or not, but the "show details" button is not there)(very common in Xubuntu, but it was not happening before this). I decided to flash an USB from another computer and reinstall my system, i did not format my /home partition but i create a new user to not import setting from the old one.

Do you think I catch a virus? What worries me is that i read that there are malware that can infect my motherboard, and seen that weird behavior of the light of my case when i turn off my computer I think is a possibility. Maybe all of this was all coincidence?

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