1. MikeTux


    Hello friends! My name is Mike and I live in Europe, I love Linux and BSD operating systems. Normally I solve my questions myself with search engines or friends and the community (IRC, Hacker-space), but for some things a forum is absolutely necessary and so I'm happy to be with you. I posted...
  2. Noobius

    Help me find where this Tux came from

    Its almost been a year since I got this Tux and I want to know more about where it came from(Was it given out, is it from some sort of event etc). I can't find any images of it when I search the text on it nor when I search "Tux Hewlett Packard", "Linux tux powered by Hewlett Packard " I only...
  3. R

    Question Name of a bomber game, we've played three together on 1 keyboard (2000s)

    Hi all, could you please help to find the Name of the game or the self the Game from 2000s? I've googled it but useless. I remember (or guess) the next things about it, : - the game was like a NES Bomberman and the square field of battle was surrounded by dark, was checked to squares and one of...
  4. K

    Linux Tux art pack

    Hi, guys! A couple of days ago, I created Tux art that may be actual to you before Christmas. Look Here It free for personal use, but I will grateful if you decide to support me. Happy Holidays!