1. L

    Solved ManRepository.com - An Linux Manual page for Ubuntu/ Debian / Arch Linux,...

    Hello everyone, I often read Linux manuals pages online and I noticed some issues: Often they don't have the manuals of the software I use The formatting of the man pages is not easy to read So I decided to create a new site to fix this issue and called it ManRepository.com. It currently...
  2. M

    Date Formatting

    I've created a quick tutorial on some basic date formatting options in BASH. I hope you find this useful
  3. GoldenDuckFloats

    Guidance for new Linux users

    I need some help making a tutorial that gradually builds up a reader's technical sophistication (Particularly on how to install and manage software). By providing a roadmap of what new users should know and present them in an order that makes sense. Each subject can have a short yet detailed...
  4. D

    Hi everyone!

    Hi there, Name's David Longfield. Glad to join the Linux community. I use various distros (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, Fedora, Manjaro, Parrot, etc.) Hope to help some of you out and hope you can help me out. By the way, for anyone who's interested, we've created an online course about how to...
  5. iridakos

    Creating a bash completion script

    Hello everybody, I just published a tutorial for creating bash completion scripts. Link: https://iridakos.com/tutorials/2018/03/01/bash-programmable-completion-tutorial Thanks, Lazarus