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    posfix setup for internal mail only (from root etc) to be read by thunderbird; fedora 36

    Digital Ocean tutorial explains how to set up dovecot and postfix so you can for example read internal emails sent from cron jobs etc to root. can anyone help me get this working please? my postfix config is [email protected]# postconf -n alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases alias_maps =...
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    Problem starting Thunderbird and Tor-Browser (occassionally firefox esr, too)

    Hello, suddenly I'm not able to open tb and tor-browser on a parrot-os anymore. I reinstalled already. When I try to create a new profile, the program wont come up, there is no error message or anything, simply nothing happens. Same with tor-browser. I'm assuming something with the java...
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    Thunderbird - POP3 to IMAP

    Hi all, I've recently switched OSes from Windows 7 (64-Pro) to Ubuntu Linux Mate 18.1 I was using T'bird on my Win PC. T'bird came with Ubuntu & so I set it up as a POP3 account, The same as on my Win PC. A little while later, it occurred to me, after doing a little research, that using IMAP...