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  1. Reverzed

    [SOLVED]Need help, dwm is killing itself when clicking URLs or links

    Hi basically when i click on some links this happens, Cick the link -> Screen turns black and this error message appears: [FAILED] Failed to start casper-md5check Verify Live ISO -> OS login screen pops up, for now this happened with some links, pywal github, a fonts download page and when i...
  2. D

    For Anyone Who Needs Help With Appliances

    My parents and I are having trouble with a dishwasher we just had installed about a month ago (If I remember correctly, I believe the guy who installed it was a maintenance man my sister-in-law works with), which led to me looking up how to troubleshoot it to avoid having a repairman come out...
  3. T

    wlan network interface not showing

    Hi, I recently installed arch on my laptop. It lacks an ethernet port so I've had to use wireless, It's been working on and off for a few days but now the wlan interface won't show when I run 'ip link'. I can see it's been detected in lspci and it is written, 'Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi'...
  4. S

    Upgrading receiving errors. Need help!

    Have bought the Pixelbook for a while and still haven't really got used to this Linux thing. I think it says error since I tried to upgrade my linux to the last version a couple of months ago. It gave out some code in the box. Right now, it just gives out a blank box and still can't upgrade. Do...
  5. cloudnebula

    NVIDIA X Server Settings reset when opening specific apps

    Hi Linux Community, So to start, I'm fairly new to the Linux community and I got relatively interested and intrigued to try out Linux and so I dual boot it off of two hard drives. Now, colors on Linux seem to be fairly washed out by default so for that I use a line on the terminal for that...
  6. H

    How to create an SFTP Server using Linux CentOS?

    How to create an SFTP Server using Linux CentOS?