1. N

    A cli appimage store made in ruby Jewelry store

    Hey everyone good night, i made a cli ruby appimage store with my friend check it out or
  2. N

    an app store via command line

    Hey everyone i made a cli app store with appimages and deb packages (my focus is appimages) you cant get that using this commands $ wget (if you preffer download shstoreBuild from $ chmod +x shstoreBuild $ ./shstoreBuild im...
  3. craigevil

    Raspberry Pi OS/Debian App Stores/Package Managers

    Raspberry PI OS / Debian Package Managers Gnome-Software (Removes pi-package/Add/Remove) Application manager for GNOME sudo apt install gnome-software gnome-software-plugin-flatpak gnome-software-plugin-snap flatpak snapd packagekit-tools...
  4. I

    Kali linux software center: unable to download updates

    i get this problem while opening the software center in kali linux i tried the > sudo apt-get install update but nothing helped.
  5. S

    Switiching to Linux: One Windows Store App

    Hello! I finally got fed with with Microsoft and Windows 10 with their October update that deleted user's files (my drives were not wiped, but seemingly random files were corrupted -- had them all backed-up thankfully). Since October I've been doing my thorough research on switching to linux...