Kali linux software center: unable to download updates


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i get this problem while opening the software center in kali linux i tried the
> sudo apt-get install update
but nothing helped.


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G'day I am a newbie, and Welcome to Linux.org

THIS should get the updates for you

Seeing you are a newbie.....why did you choose Kali linux ?


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i like to learn things by starting hard out. it works for me and then i just focus on that, also if it doesnt work i just step down and let microsoft run my PC (i got a license to windows 10)


Are you using Kali for everyday use? If you are you might want to look at another distro that would be better suited for everyday.


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i like to learn things by starting hard out. it works for me
No, it doesn't work for you. That is why you have to ask a simple question here.

Kali Linux is Root by default - so it doesn't need sudo.

The correct command is
apt update
Learn to walk before you try to run.


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ok. do you have a good suggestion for a distro, my specs is.

256 gb SSD.

8 Gb, of ram

2.3 GHZ. processor

Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell GT2)


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From those specs - pretty much anything should run well on it!

If you are a noob to Linux, you might want to consider one of the Ubuntu family of distros (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc.), or Mint - which is Ubuntu derived. They are typically the most user-friendly distros for noobs.

Kali Linux is not really recommended for day to day usage - it is a specialised distro aimed at professional penetration testers, but is often used by script kiddies, crackers, cyber-criminals and wannabe's.

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