Switiching to Linux: One Windows Store App


Dec 27, 2018
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I finally got fed with with Microsoft and Windows 10 with their October update that deleted user's files (my drives were not wiped, but seemingly random files were corrupted -- had them all backed-up thankfully).

Since October I've been doing my thorough research on switching to linux; taking my time and not rushing into a brand new experience after using windows all my life (it will be a few months into next year before I switch). All is going well, so much so I'm only going to ask one question:

In my list of programs to have on linux, only two are not linux native, thus these two I am planning to use through WINE. That is until today when I realised one is from the windows store, and no direct download from their website is possible.

The program is Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical. Available platforms are Mac, Windows 10 and mobile/tablet. Started by looking into where Windows store apps are installed (turns out in a hidden folder in program files). I thought to myself maybe I could back up the program for an offline install (like how steam lets you back-up your steam games if you want to). Then use that for a backed-up, offline install through WINE.

Turns out I don't know how to do that, assuming it is even possible (and I don't, I just reckoned it would be). So that's why I'm here: with that plan, and files located (although I think I should point out there are THREE folders for the app, one seemingly being the "main" one - as in idk what the other 2 actually are for) where to go from here?

Also I'll add at the end, the reason I want this program and am reluctant to find linux alternatives (since I've done that with all other programs except these two WINE ones on my list) is because beyond just really liking it, I also paid for it, and I don't yet think I've got my money's worth nor full use out of it.

G'day Sasha-Jen, and Welcome to linux.org

Have a look HERE
I finally got fed with with Microsoft and Windows 10

My goodness, I've never heard that before, have you, Brian (@Condobloke ) :)

G'day Sasha, another Aussie here (Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, passes a mirror and realises he has gained 10 pounds over Christmas, summons a spell to remove 10 pounds of fat and his head disappears)

AlternativeTo is one of the sites we like the most for Windows Users to take a try at things they feel they can't do without.

But if no joy on their offerings, and depending on the specifications for your computer, you could always look at installing a Linux, then running Windows as a Virtual Machine under it to run your program.

There are many options, so ask all you like and we will try to help you (steer away from The (Win)Dozer)

Cheers and Avagudweegend

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