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  1. SpongebobFan1994

    (Solved) Mint 21 XFCE Won't Go Into Sleep Mode

    Because Cinnamon 20.2 was slowing down my Lenovo X200 convertible, I recently installed the XFCE version of Mint 21. Since then, I've noticed a recurring problem where it won't go into sleep mode when put the screen down, and when I put the screen back up, it logs me out. I tried restarting the...
  2. Linuxen100

    Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition - Laptop Cannot Wake Up From Sleep

    Hello there, It's a pleasure to be apart of the Linux community. I just installed Linux mint yesterday and this is my first time ever using linux. I appreciate anyone who can help me resolve my issue. I have updated everything and am currently up to date. The issue I am facing is when I put my...
  3. P

    Ubuntu 21.10 does not start after sleep.

    Ubuntu does not start after sleep. I have such a problem with the system, after sleep it won't start, I have to turn it off by holding the button for a long time and it can only start ... someone have solution...
  4. S

    Sleep and wakeup for the linux based system

    Hi.. What are the sleep & wakeup commands from command lines( have a linux based microcontroller system) and also how to know the time for wakeup (not the clock time but the time the system takes to wake from sleeping state) Thank You!
  5. U

    Using DBus in Linux systems with or without GUI

    I am looking into using DBus to catch power events on Linux such as sleep, hibernate and wakeup using PrepareForSleep() and PrepareForShutdown() signals. I have two main requirements: The approach must work for systems that have GUI or are purely console based Work for both Linux desktop and...