1. aleff

    Demonstration of the research study "Extract Me If You Can" based on DECAF

    Does anyone know if there is a technical demonstration of the paper Extract Me If You Can by Carmony, C., Hu, X., Yin, H., Bhaskar, A.V., & Zhang, M. (2016)? I am trying to set DECAF correctly using the wiki presents on the github repository but without success. Could anyone tell me how to...
  2. NucleusChemistry

    KVM Video Hardware Acceleration

    So I installed Debian on a KVM QEMU Virt Manager machine, and it’s got copy/paste functionality between the VM and host using “spice-agent” and NAT networking. When it starts up though, we get this friendly warning: “Your system is currently running without video hardware acceleration. You may...
  3. N

    /bin/sh: 1: grub2-mkrescue: not found make: *** [Makefile:31: build/hello.iso] Error 127

    I want to build a basic os on qemu. But when I type make qemu it gives the following error Don't know how to solve $make qemu mkdir -p build/isofiles/boot/grub cp build/kernel.bin build/isofiles/boot/kernel.bin cp grub.cfg build/isofiles/boot/grub grub2-mkrescue -o build/hello.iso...
  4. R

    KVM/qemu VM-migration from old data center to new one.

    Hello all, Glad to be on here :-) I'm a Linux sysadmin who has recently inherited two data centers from another sysadmin, one old and one new. The case: There's a bunch of KVM VM's (essentially QEMU VM's) on the old data center that needs to be migrated over to the new one as the old one is to...
  5. C

    Can't load an arm binary with QEMU

    I'm trying to single step a raw arm binary using QEMU connected to GDB. My distro is Kali linux 64-bit. The arm binary is u-boot, which was collected from an old armv6 android tablet. What i'm trying to do here is: load a raw binary into memory point to the first instruction execute the...
  6. T

    Qemu/KVM keyboard echo

    Hi, I have a working Qemu/kvm environment on a Suse leap 15 host and several Suse guests. Now I wanted to play around with ubuntu and set up a VM with standard settings. I usually use SSH/Xmingw on my Windows client to reach virt-manager and access the client. However, when I try to log in to...