KVM/qemu VM-migration from old data center to new one.


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Jul 30, 2021
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Hello all,

Glad to be on here :) I'm a Linux sysadmin who has recently inherited two data centers from another sysadmin, one old and one new. The case: There's a bunch of KVM VM's (essentially QEMU VM's) on the old data center that needs to be migrated over to the new one as the old one is to be scrapped. The origin cluster runs KVM on CentOS6, the receiver cluster runs KVM on CentOS7

So far, I've only been able to find how-to's on doing this between hardware hosts within the same data center, but I am hoping Clonezilla can easily handle moving VM's between different physical data centers too? If yes, is anyone aware of a good how-to on exactly that? Or might there be anyone here who has done this before and willing to share his own working step-by-step process for it? The ideal would of course be to migrate the VM's straight onto new VM hosts on the new data center and have everything "just work" when booting them up over there, maybe with just a pre-boot-up change in the VM's IP addressing for obvious reason, but that's probably too much to hope for. Is there perhaps a better/easier solution for this than Clonezilla?


Are you running a raw KVM/qemu hosts server or are you running clustering software too? Meaning something like Proxmox or a raw clustering system underneath?

If there is no clustering involved. You can migrate the raw image over, just ensure you grab the configuration files to take with it. If I recall correctly, you can get a dump of the configuration using virsh dumpxml then either the vm's name, id, or uuid.

Obviously, you will need to ensure this configuration is supported on the new KVM host.

I think there are new tools to import existing vms into a new setup. It's been a while, but it shouldn't be too difficult once you get the configuration and virtual disks over to the new datacenter.
Thx for the reply. There is a Pacemaker cluster over on the new DC and some IBM clustering solution on the old.

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