1. K

    Accessing Turnkey Linux Fileshares from other Turnkey Linux containers

    Hey there, fellow Linux explorers! I'm diving headfirst into the world of Linux, but I'm not looking to wait around until my grandkids are all grown up just to get my stuff sorted – you feel me? 1-[ I ventured into the realm of Proxmox (awsesome) to set up a Turnkey Linux (much awesome)...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    goaccess logging on Debian 12 (Proxmox)

    Hi, I have installed goaccess on my Proxmox Server and it (kinda) works. I use this to launch for troubleshooting: goaccess /var/log/nginx/access.log -o /var/www/report.html --log-format=COMBINED --real-time-html [PARSING /var/log/nginx/access.log] {242.596} @ {40.432/s} My crontab is this...
  3. P

    Noob homelab build with extra features on one host

    Good day all, Hope everyone around here is doing well. Disclaimer: I’m a total Linux noob about to tackle his first project and this is also then my first post. As short as I can keep it, here is my story (project I’m about to start): It’s basically a home server with some freedom to play...
  4. tinfoil-hat

    Hi there, I want to introduce myself :-)

    I transitionated to a tinfoil-hat, because of 3 reasons 1) my Paranoid / Cyberpunk / Free-Software - Computing 2) my way to support Free-Speech when it comes to Software 3) I am a diagnosed with Paranoid / Schizoaffective Psychosis My Homepage is For the ones that want...
  5. G

    Debian (or Proxmox?) with single display

    I'm about to configure a NUC7i5 with 32GB memory and 500GB storage with a single display (TV) and with hard wired ethernet connectivity. Primary uses are for Home Assistant, PiHole and I'd like to make the NUC my OpenVPN server. I currently use a ROKU as the user interface consolidator for...