power management

  1. F

    Solved Mint Xfce power management wont open

    Hello I have freshly installed Mint Xfce on my laptop, everything seems to be working as expected, aside from Power Management wont open. I have tried opening it through the settings menu, and by searching for it in the search bar on the menu, but this gives me nothing. If I try to open it...
  2. D

    Why USB Mobile Modem works only on USB-HUB and seemed as SCSI driver & reseted frequently?

    I have a USB mobile modem that I connect it to USB-HUB with 4 ports. When I looked to it by using lsusb, it shows that : Bus 008 Device 010: ID XXX:YYYY Huawei Technologies Sometimes connection errors occures with it and when I looked by using dmesg it says : [ 1712.511790] usb-storage...
  3. simalakama

    [HELP] - Fan noise issue on kali linux

    Hai, does anyone here having same problems with me? I'm using kali for long time enough. From now on I very suspect this problem due to kernel dependencies. When I'm boot my laptop with latest kali kernel which is 5.10, my fan laptop starting to work very loudly even though there's no activity...
  4. D

    Is Virtualbox Energy Heavy? [Solved]

    I often keep a virtual machine running for relatively long periods of time, and after a while, the fan on my desktop gets loud (probably because it's using so much energy at the time). After I shut the VM down, the fan quiets down. I've been thinking about upgrading the hardware since its...
  5. U

    Using DBus in Linux systems with or without GUI

    I am looking into using DBus to catch power events on Linux such as sleep, hibernate and wakeup using PrepareForSleep() and PrepareForShutdown() signals. I have two main requirements: The approach must work for systems that have GUI or are purely console based Work for both Linux desktop and...