[HELP] - Fan noise issue on kali linux


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Jul 24, 2021
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Hai, does anyone here having same problems with me? I'm using kali for long time enough. From now on I very suspect this problem due to kernel dependencies. When I'm boot my laptop with latest kali kernel which is 5.10, my fan laptop starting to work very loudly even though there's no activity on my computer. I've been try many options from installing tlp,lm-sensors, and thermald but none of this apps can handle my laptop fan. Oh by the way I'm using ryzen amd 3 3200u with SSD and HDD 1 Tb and memory 17 Gb. Ok back to the problem, when I'm though that this issue was from kernel perspective then I'm try to switch to default kernel which is 5.5, and guess what? My laptop fan can now be quiet and running normally as you can see from picture below. If I switch back to the latest kernel, then those fan could running over 3600-3800 rpm. I hope somebody could give me a help to fix this problems. Thanks


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