operating system

  1. A

    Developing an operating system from scratch.

    How can I make an operating system using the Linux kernel, what should I pay attention to when making an operating system?
  2. A

    child Process ended before Parent process

    I wrote a code to under stand the work of process by call system call with fork() function Here is this code Here is the out-put: without wait() function it should execute first parent process completely then it execute child process. But here the child process execute first completely...
  3. L

    Linux device interaction

    In Linux, is it possible for an application interacts with hardware device( for instance: camera) without using /dev/* device file?So I mean is possible to use hardware device without making or “using” /dev/* device file?
  4. N

    /bin/sh: 1: grub2-mkrescue: not found make: *** [Makefile:31: build/hello.iso] Error 127

    I want to build a basic os on qemu. But when I type make qemu it gives the following error Don't know how to solve $make qemu mkdir -p build/isofiles/boot/grub cp build/kernel.bin build/isofiles/boot/kernel.bin cp grub.cfg build/isofiles/boot/grub grub2-mkrescue -o build/hello.iso...
  5. W

    Best Distro to my laptop

    Hello there! I am new with Linux, and I thought to ask the question: I have Dell Latitude E7440 laptop and i decided to switch from Windows to Linux because Windows is no longer in my laptop an optimal operating system. What kind of distro do you recommend for surfing the web, distance learning...
  6. D

    Building an OS from WINE

    I've been using Linux (particularly Mint) for the last 10 years now. While I never found it to be bad per-se, there have been times where I have found it to be annoying (such as recently with some glitches I've had). That's not because I had to unlearn everything I was accustomed to on Windows...
  7. G

    Suggest compatible & best light weight OS for Dell Inspiron N5010 - Peculiar problems

    Hi, I am facing a peculiar problems, I am using a Inspiron N5010 laptop & tried installing different light weight OS like Bodhi linux & Xubuntu & Ubuntu. 1) Most for the time, internet is getting connected & disconnected frequently, mainly after the computer is going to sleep. Reference problem...
  8. sujatha90

    Which Linux OS is The Best Alternative for Windows OS

    Hello friends, Currently iam using windows 10 in my PC. I want to move to Linux based Operating System. I want to know the best alternative Linux based OS for Windows. The OS should be fulfill the basic requirements. Thank You.
  9. D

    Remote control a linux machine, via terminal

    Hey, I made two python programs, in two different computers, that uses sockets to communicate between the two computers. Then, I wanted to execute a terminal command at the client program and the command it self will be sent from the remote controller program, then the client will send the...
  10. weazel

    Linux Operating System for Console.

    Linux Developers should get together and make a Linux distro for a console (xbox,ps,switch,raspie,other) that is open source and anyone can use it for free and for any thang. It's Just a idea maybe it will happen someday and the console will become open source.
  11. Bohdan Kovalchuk

    "A brand new Russian OS": do they break the GPL?..

    Hey there, fellas! I was just serfing around the Internet and found this weird stuff (in Russian). Let me explain for those who don't understand Russian: guys from Russia made smth like an ubuntu distribtive, named it like "Russian operating system" and started to sell it for 5000 RUB (about 87...