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    No sound in Ubuntu after installation - Tried a lot - nothing worked, please help. Desparate!

    Hello guys, I don't have much experience using linux, just dual booted (ubuntu 22.04 LTS) along with windows 11 on my laptop. Just wanted to use it for web development. After installation, there is no sound in ubuntu. I googled and tried a lot of things. But, nothing seems to work. I also use...
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    Samsung Notebook Pro 9- Dual boot- No sound coming from any linux distro (Realtek ALC298)

    I have recently bought Samsung Notebook Pro 9- NP930MBE and installed Ubuntu 19.10 (And later Elementary, Zorin, Mint) but there is no sound coming from the computer. I can see it detects sound card, microphone etc but at the end no sound coming. Everything works fine with Windows 10, there is...