1. S

    low disk space on filesystem root in linux

    hello i got this message: "low disk space on filesystem root", and cant find what is taking all the space... I'm pretty new to Linux, would love your help. I attach the output of 'df -h'. thank you.
  2. S

    RAM problem on Ubuntu.

    I have in total 4 gb + 4gb = 8 gb RAM in my machine. The problem is that, when i wanna to check the free RAM then I think there are some problem . Because you can see in the following image , total is 7.2 Gi and used is 4.2 Gi but free is only 131 Mi . But you know the free RAM should be...
  3. M

    What is using (kernel) memory?

    Hi guys, We are seeing an increase in memory usage in some of our servers, but this memory seems to be unaccounted by any tool. I am trying to figure out where this memory is being used. We are currently running an AWS EC2 instance with the following specs: t3.medium instance with 4GB RAM and...
  4. M

    How to calculate TCP socket memory usage?

    Hi everyone, I am running a Debian GNU/Linux 9.5 (stretch) with kernel: 4.9.0-7-amd64. I am trying to figure out TCP sockets memory usage, but with my calculations I seem to be missing something. According to the following outputs /proc/net/sockstat: sockets: used 779 TCP: inuse 23 orphan 0...
  5. R

    How can I interface with an SPI device in embedded Linux?

    I am using individual evaluation board(Grmon GR712). I can compile the Linux kernel and build an image file via build-root. I want to access an SPI NAND flash memory, IS37SML01G1 from userspace in Linux. Assuming that the wire configuration for SPI in the evaluation board is OK, How can I...
  6. V

    1 or 2 DDR4 chips?

    Bought a bare bones PC with 2 DDR4 slots. Would like to populate it with 16K of ram. Would I need 2 8K chips or would 1 16K chip suffice? Perhaps in the future I would place another 16K chip in the other slot. PC is Inspire by Azulletech. Bought another bare bones PC (Brix), put in memory...
  7. A

    Correct way to find memory used by process

    Hi, I am running a C++ application on Redhat linux, built using gcc. The program works in a step by step manner, and each steps uses new and delete to allocate and remove memory for huge data structures. I've made sure that we are freeing all the memory allocated, but when I check for the...
  8. ryanvade

    Where did all of my memory go?

    It has been a while since I posted my own content. My apologies, finishing my degree, working full time, and doing my best to manage a robotics club took all of my time. <begin rant> Okay, so my memory did not actually disappear. Nor are any of my systems damaged. I thought a discussion...