linux distribution

  1. Adithyansm

    The most used distro

    I just want to test that people are using which distro as their daily use
  2. Adithyansm

    Can anybody suggest to me a distro for 2022

    Hello everyone, I am planning to change my distro in 2022 now I am in Linux mint and want to change to another Debian based distro Currently, two distros are in my mind Zorin os and Pop OS! .Which should I choose or You can suggest to me a distro better than these two (only Debian-based not...
  3. coca_das03

    driver nvidia in pop-os

    Hi everyone, question: -pop-os use nouveau control driver NVIDIA or anything else ????
  4. P

    Which linux distibution do you recommend?

    I've a relatively old laptop, I'd like to give it to my gradma. She just want to surf on the internet. Info: Intel Core i5 6200U 2.3 GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM Intel HD Graphics 520
  5. L

    What is the most beautiful linux distribution?

    I just ask for fun because I don't know too many linux distros.
  6. E

    Which Linux Distro is best for beginners?

    Hey everyone! Newbie in this forum. Want suggestions from an experienced member, which linux distribution is best for me as I want to run 2 OS on a single laptop. Currently I have windows 8.1, 8gb RAM, 1TB hard drive and core i7 not sure about processor and want to install linux or any best...
  7. M

    unmount error on linux installation

    I have an Asus GL503GE laptop {128gb M.2 ssd C:drive} {500gb sata ssd D:drive} I tried installing Manjaro as well as popOS. during the install boot from usb stick I always get some unmount error and the installation fails. On pop OS : [FAILED] Failed unmounting cdrom.mount...
  8. superboy2k6

    Custom GUI for Linux

    Hey a linux noob here! I was wondering if it was possible to create a custom GUI for linux so that it would look like a console style GUI. Are there specific tools for this? Do those tools require complete knowledge of linux? Can I also edit the splash screen image on boot up? It would be good...
  9. L

    Boot menu with obsolete options

    I have Windows 10 in mi laptop, but I also had Deepin OS, Ubuntu and Elementary OS (Ubuntu Based). (I have uninstalled them all) And in the boot menu, this is what shows up: This are the options in boot menu. So, I know Windows Boot Manager is for booting Windows, but I don't know what exactly...
  10. M

    parrot os not detecting my hard drives while installing

    when i am trying to install parrot os along with windows 10 , my hard drive partiotons space which i allocated to parrot os is not detecting ,same problem repeating with kali linux and ubuntu, please help me? thank you..!
  11. LittlePebble10

    Hp Pavilion for Linux

    I am new here so please forgive me if this type of thread is not allowed. I used Linux before and it was my preferred system to work on at one time. I had to buy and install Windows10 for my main laptop because college required me to use MS office. I technically don't need it anymore but, I have...
  12. Dantempo

    Versión de Linux para empezar a programar ( Linux version to start programming)

    Me han recomendado el SO Linux para aprender a programar, pero no sé que distribución de Linux puedo coger para alguien que quiere aprender a programar ¿Me podrían ayudar con eso? les agradecería mucho el esfuerzo, ya que nunca he mirado nada de Linux y no sé que versión coger para lo mencionado...