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unmount error on linux installation


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I have an Asus GL503GE laptop
{128gb M.2 ssd C:drive}
{500gb sata ssd D:drive}

I tried installing Manjaro as well as popOS.
during the install boot from usb stick I always get some unmount error and the installation fails.

On pop OS :
[FAILED] Failed unmounting cdrom.mount.

On manjaro:
[FAILED] Failed unmounting Temporary /etc/pacman.d/gnupg directory
[FAILED] Failed unmounting /run/miso/cowspace

I have secure boot as well as fastboot off in BIOS. I tried disconnecting the drives. I also tried 3 diff downloads of the same iso using RUFUS.(3 times popOS and 3 times manjaro). RUFUS is set to GPT partition and UEFI.

Please help


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Pop! is based on Ubuntu.

You could try to work through the basic concepts for Manjaro...

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