1. CptCharis

    USB Kernel bug

    Hello again Guys!!! Do anybody have an idea about this? Ok, lets be more specific. Everything starts due to " Dmesg command printouts for example: [ 1084.138344] usb 1-1-port5: unable to enumerate USB device [...
  2. N

    CPU Context Info required

    I am running Linux Kernel Version 2.6.35 on single core PowerPC. To debug the behavior of some user/application programs running on my system, I need a software that can tell me information about the trace of processes running on CPU and when/how they are switched and which new process takes the...
  3. K

    Last Kernel Version that supports Interrupt Interception

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, and new to kernel modding! What is the last Linux Kernel version that supports intercepting software interrupts from the IVT/IDT to the driver? I need to inject my own driver instead. I know this isn't supported anymore and isn't advised, but I still need to...
  4. P

    GUI + Busybox + kernel

    I’m creating my own Linux distro with busybox and I also need GUI in my system. How can I add XFCE desktop environment?
  5. G

    Identifying a specific kernel module

    Hi I have a troublesome USB card with a renesas upd720202 chipset that only works on certain Linux flavours So for example with Debian 8 (3.16) the card doesn't even show up in lspci but with Mint 17.3 (3.19) all works perfectly. What I would like to do is identify what module in the Mint...