1. mike_linux

    After changing the image installation directory of docker the partition name has changed and app launch problem occurred

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine! After I changed my image installation folder for docker in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using this guide explained in point 3, I encountered a problem shown in the following screenshot. After, this I changed the docker installation folder to it's default one explained in the...
  2. A

    ( Solved ) The Witcher 3 game does not work after updating to next gen

    ( Solved ) At Steam game settings menu, in the beta tests tab, you can roll back to the classic version of the game running on DX11. And there are no more problems After the update, the game stopped showing the image, menu sound is working, but the image is one color. Also, just for the test...
  3. G

    Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and now I regret it...

    Hello, I've upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and everything is broken... I am running Kubuntu on HP Zbook Firefly 14 G7 since previous codename, but this jammy... First of all there isn't normal update center for other drivers in so called "Discover". And Discover window was freezing for me! I...
  4. BoringZombie

    Will installing Manjaro on my SSD and installing Parrot OS Home on my Optane H10 cause any conflicting issues?

    So I've been having some trouble on Parrot OS Home on my Lenovo Yoga C740 IdeaPad with the sound driver, but I have got it to work on Parrot OS Home from doing some research. Knowing that I do want top use Parrot still but now not as my main Linux Distro with some of the issues I face with my...
  5. K

    No Wifi connection

    Hello All, I just installed Linux-mint on a desktop that I am setting up. I like the interface and all but there is one problem, I can't connect to my wifi here. I've ran: sudo lsusb sudo lspci sudo lsmod