game development

  1. dprater

    How to make games on linux?

    How can I make games for Linux on Linux without using a game engine? I'm used to Unity and I've tried Unreal. I'm open to trying Godot, however the Godot version I've installed on Linux before didn't have the option for C#, just Gd-script. So, how can I make games on Linux, for Linux, without an...
  2. SuperAdventureHunter

    What do Linux users want in a Linux game/application?

    Hi! I probably haven’t talked about this much, but I do dabble in game/app development. I haven’t exactly published anything yet but I hope to do that in the future. Point aside, I have been moved by this community to develop something in Unity for Linux. Say I, or many of the developers out...
  3. Sagar@02

    Is Unity3D running on POP OS 20.04?

    The Unity3D Game engine has not released the software for Ubuntu 20.04. Only the beta version is released. So is it possible to run the stable version of Unity3D with wine or any other possible ways? I think it's possible using Wine but I don't know how does that work and what are things which...