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Apr 12, 2022
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fheroes2 is a recreation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine. This open-source multi-platform project written with C++ from a scratch is aimed to fully replicate the original game with meaningful changes for gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and UI improvements), bringing a new life to one of the most anticipated turn-based strategies.

The project is in active phase of development and we have new releases each month!

Original fheroes2 project was dead for many years till we picked it up as the new development team. After about 3 years of intense development we've reached 0.9.21 stage with a long list of delightful changes, which you can find at our main project page.
Currently fheroes2 supports Linux, Windows, macOS, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch and Android OS. But note, you still need the original game resources to run fheroes2 due to license issues.






1.0 version will be a full faithful remake with high resolution support, improved AI, numerous UI fixes and improvements. We hope all true fans of HoMM2, will enjoy it!

Some of already implemented key enhancements to this game engine reimplementation compared to the original are explained at wiki page .

Once reaching 1.0 version, free Heroes of Might and Magic II project will be continued with an add-on development, where our team using open source code of fheroes2 project wants to add some new relevant features bringing HoMM II back to life and expand the game experience of true Heroes fans.

Add-on milestone is still missing pixel-art artists and sound designers, so we appreciate any help to the project on its way to become resurrected Heroes of Might and Magic II game.

Also you can join the development team of our project to prove your C++ skills and help us finish it sooner!

The latest version of the game you can download here.

Our official discord chat. Come and discuss FHeroes2 with us!

Follow us, so you won't miss the latest news about fheroes2 project!

You can also contribute our project to extend future innovations.
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After some consideration, I approved this.

It looks pretty spammy, but the links check out. I assume the poster has something to do with the project. I've allowed other FOSS (and proprietary) games to be posted. So, it'd be a break in character to not allow this one through.

Thanks! I just want introduce our project to community.
I hope some people would like to play this updated retro game on modern OSes.
Also, anyone can contribute to the project and post some feedback here, so we can improve playing experience in future updates.
Yeah, I let it through the spam filter.

In the future, and for other sites, you might want to start a dialogue before posting content like this. Otherwise, it looks a lot like spam, both to a human and to automated spam detection systems. I made a judgement call and let it through - after checking it out and checking the links and whatnot.

The various other forums will be more receptive if you're an active member of the community prior to posting content like this. But, I've let it through before so I saw no reason to not let this one through.
Remind me of the good old Days i was never really a HMM fan but i did play them all the way up to 6 never did play 7 heard it should be really bad but idk not my kind of game but i can see why people like it.
i used the EXE files for Windows and run it in Wine 7.6 with luris. i have not starte a game yet but so far it works. buy some how it will not let me use Mangohud but i think thats in my end. have same prolem with OpenGL so it somthing i had to look into.


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