formatting disk

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    Low disk space on filesystem root

    I recently dual booted my laptop and assigned ~30GB of space to Ubuntu 18.04 and after a week I started to get warnings regarding low space in my root directory. I got by fine for a another week by deleting used stuff and only keeping important things, but now even after doing all that I'm still...
  2. J

    Format main hard drive to NTFS

    Hi, I was trying to change my operating system back to windows with a bootable usb drive, but apparently I need to format my hard drive to the NTFS format. I only have 1 hard drive but i'm a bit stuck because I can't figure out how to do it. I tried to format it to NTFS in the Disks application...
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    Installing storage hd

    Hello, there! Just yesterday, I installed Ubuntu MATE, and have spent the last 15 hours configuring my system. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, even though it's actually a bit difficult. Linux doesn't hand you all the information you need, but it's amazing how just a few quick searches can get...