file system

  1. D

    Reboot Error after umount /mnt/xxx on Persistent Memory

    This is the second time I crashed our department servers. :-( Really don't know why. The previous configuration was: We had a persistent memory namespace (/dev/pmem0) that was mounted at /mnt/pmem. We wanted to change it to Mixed Mode. So we unmounted this file directory ($ umount /mnt/pmem)...
  2. D

    Set directory permission for a mounted SD disk

    Hello there! I cannot say I'am a newbie in Linux (i have been using it for a two years), but recently i bought a SD card for my laptop on Fedora Linux. And everything just works fine: i edited the /etc/fstab file to mount my sd drive at /doodisk directory automatically. But i cannot change...
  3. Linuxembourg

    Layered Sandbox Filesystem for Linux?

    Is there any maintained applications which provide a layered sandbox filesystem for Linux? Similar to what Sandboxie does in Windows. Here is an example of what I am talking about, not updated in 5 years. In simple English, I am looking for something that would allow me to install packages...
  4. R

    Problems afters some file system modification

    Hello to everyone. I've just installed for the first time ubuntu 20.04 lts. I don't have a previous experience with the os except some really basic things. After the installation I followed step by step this video https: // up the point 7 included. So my modification where...
  5. R

    File System in linux vs File System in Windows

    Hello All, Want to know is there any concept in Linux like windows C drive, D drive etc..(partition) Please let me know. Thanks, Ravi
  6. blackneos940

    Adding ext4 Partition to /etc/fstab File.....? :3

    As the question describes, I wanna add my Kali Linux Partition to Manjaro's fstab File, so that it automounts on Login..... :3 How is this accomplished.....? :3 Good GOD, that Stromboli made me full..... :P Thanks for any help guys..... :3
  7. S

    File transfer over SSH onto linux server from hard disk on remote MAC

    Hi, I have 1.96 TB sized folder on a hard disk and I want to upload it to the server from my MAC PC using SSH. What is the quickest and effective way to do it?
  8. K

    Copy-on-write error correcting file systems

    I have been using BTRFS RAID 1 for data and meta-data with two hard disk drives for a while now. This set up is on my network storage server. My desktops simply runs ext4 (not a fan of LVM yet). I am using two 1TB HDD totalling 1TB capacity (no surprises as using RAID 1); if I was to add...
  9. I

    How fix corrupted sections on file system?

    Dear Forum Users, I recently start learning OS Linux and I have few question about corrupted sections on file system. I would be grateful if you could help me. My case next: 1. I deployed VM Linux Ubuntu (version 14, x32 bit) through vagrant on VirtualBox. OS work correct. 2. I found...