1. N

    Buildx for buildroot

    Hi everyone! I'm new to buildroot, linux and docker. Im trying to create containers from buildroot's OS but I need a plugin called Buildx that helps to build with Docker. Does someone know how to add that new package to buildroot, if its already in some other buildroot's version? I'd appreciate...
  2. N

    No rule to make target '/home/pegasus/Documents/bpftime/third_party/bpftool/include/linux/err.h', needed by 'prog.o'. Stop

    I'm building a Docker image. docker build . Here's the Dockerfile FROM ubuntu:23.10 WORKDIR /bpftime RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \ libelf1 libelf-dev zlib1g-dev make cmake git libboost1.74-all-dev \ binutils-dev libyaml-cpp-dev gcc g++...
  3. N

    cannot setup routing within connected containers

    I have two docker networks: docker network create --attachable --internal --subnet nw_01_02 docker network create --attachable --internal --subnet nw_02_03 I also have three docker containers: node01 on nw_01_02 node02 on
  4. O

    How to identity which container that calling IP on port

    Hello all, I'm running many docker-compose stack on my Server. My Firewall show trafic from this Server to another on port 137. How can I identify which container running on my Server doing these calls on port 137? Thanks for your reply
  5. M

    [local LAN multisite orchestrator or router] apache or nginx all under Docker

    Good morning, I am very happy to be able to join this forum as a newbie on linux. I undertook to dockerize many ubuntu server 20.04 and 22.04 VMs in order to gain resources and ease. Currently I have dockerized (docker release 24.0.2): Apache Guacamole, Noip (DDNS), Nextcloud, AdGuardHome...
  6. mike_linux

    After changing the image installation directory of docker the partition name has changed and app launch problem occurred

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine! After I changed my image installation folder for docker in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using this guide explained in point 3, I encountered a problem shown in the following screenshot. After, this I changed the docker installation folder to it's default one explained in the...
  7. J wont safe files in VOLUME or WORKDIR and other... (ubuntu server)

    Hey, I´ve tried to create a docker for a minecraft-paper server. After long time trying the docker worked and started the .jar file for the server. The problem is now, that I cant join on the server via minecraft and I´ve opened all ports the server needs. The second and more importen problem...
  8. M

    Why does iproute2 not want to send packets to the docker network?

    vds 1: vds 2: I configure iproute2 with this script , I run the script on vds 2, on vds 1 I drive iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 25565 -j DNAT --to iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING...
  9. D

    Is there a way to store long commands in an env variable?

    I want to simply run the long command below. docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}" export view='docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}"' echo $view result But When I run the real variable, I get an error $view Result end Error code "docker ps" accepts...
  10. ljhwild

    Podman / Docker on Debian Edu - can I set up containers with dedicated network interfaces?

    Dear Community As it's my first post, hello everyone and thanks for having me. I'm an beginner/intermediate Linux user and I'm working on a project that requires me to launch 4 containers, but they need to be seen by the WIFI router as separate machines. I've got usb 4 wlan interfaces and I...
  11. F

    Can't change bridge subnet or create network on Docker

    I would like to build a small infrastructure entirely under Linux. For the LDAP and file server part I would like to set up a Docker server that will host the OpenLDAP and Owncloud containers. I would like to have a network for my Docker server and its containers. This will give ...
  12. hebrerillo

    Access internal docker server from another computer.

    Hello everyone! In a Linux computer, I have a docker that is running an HTTPS server on an internal IP: Let's suppose the Linux computer has a public IP of (running on interface eno1). I want to acceess the HTTPS server from another computer in the same network. To...
  13. drstr

    Use XAMPP or Install Nginx?

    I'm very new to Linux and I'm a programmer (PHP, Python, Javascript) and I have used Docker, XAMPP for my Web design projects on windows. recently I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) and I need web server for working on my projects and I'm a little confused since I see that XAMPP is available for...
  14. H

    Install a docker interface xfce

    Hello! I am new to Linux, and i need to create / install a docker which can launch an interface xfce linked to my linux folder (for example to launch an Python IDE). Problem : i don't know how to do at all. I installed docker, and alors x11docker/xfce, but this is what i got as answer. xorg...
  15. S

    Linux Gaming Server made easy

    Good day All, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes. I am currently running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on my server at home. I have tried different types of game server managers for linux but found some of them to have very little control or be too difficult to use...
  16. C

    SOLVED: Linux Capabilities-laced binary for running docker stats command?

    Hi, I have a scenario where a normal user process needs to call docker stats command, which is an elevated (root) call. The idea is to write a simple helper binary that adds the appropriate caps to the inheritable and ambient sets (and then set the caps on the binary from a setup script that...
  17. G

    Error when installing R-4.0.2 in Debian buster

    Hello, I need to install R-4.0.2 on docker image python:3.8.5-buster. When executing make check command 2 errors will arise, and I don't know how to solve. The error message is: running code in 'reg-packages.R' ...make[3]: *** [Makefile.common:108: reg-packages.Rout] Error 1...
  18. D

    NAT and Dockercontainer

    Hello, I have the following setup using a Docker environment and a Wirguard Server. The Docker environment is composed by three Services (VPN, Service A, Service B) each with their separate image. They all share a common Docker Network. In Addition the VPN Service runs a wireguard server...
  19. J

    Unable to run Teamviewer inside a Docker container

    I ran into a issue when I’m not able to run Teamviewer (GUI) inside a container. Does anyone experienced this issue and have some solution? Or maybe know how to fix it? I was able to use Teamviewer outside of docker container without any issue. Any help is highly appreciated. I'm using Ubuntu...
  20. S

    Samba on Docker not writing to external HDD.

    Hi, I've just built my new Home Assistant / Shinobi CCTV / Jellyfin server and it's running Debian 10. To easily access the media files / security footage, which are stored on a 3TB hard drive separate from the NVMe boot SSD I'd want to set up some samba shares, so i found a promising docker...