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    Error when installing R-4.0.2 in Debian buster

    Hello, I need to install R-4.0.2 on docker image python:3.8.5-buster. When executing make check command 2 errors will arise, and I don't know how to solve. The error message is: running code in 'reg-packages.R' ...make[3]: *** [Makefile.common:108: reg-packages.Rout] Error 1...
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    NAT and Dockercontainer

    Hello, I have the following setup using a Docker environment and a Wirguard Server. The Docker environment is composed by three Services (VPN, Service A, Service B) each with their separate image. They all share a common Docker Network. In Addition the VPN Service runs a wireguard server...
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    Unable to run Teamviewer inside a Docker container

    I ran into a issue when I’m not able to run Teamviewer (GUI) inside a container. Does anyone experienced this issue and have some solution? Or maybe know how to fix it? I was able to use Teamviewer outside of docker container without any issue. Any help is highly appreciated. I'm using Ubuntu...
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    Samba on Docker not writing to external HDD.

    Hi, I've just built my new Home Assistant / Shinobi CCTV / Jellyfin server and it's running Debian 10. To easily access the media files / security footage, which are stored on a 3TB hard drive separate from the NVMe boot SSD I'd want to set up some samba shares, so i found a promising docker...
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    How will I make these 2 apps run in Docker image?

    Hi everyone, I am using CentOS 7. There are 2 apps that don't work in docker image. I have to create some conditions (such as- folders, files, sockets etc.) for these apps to run. Apps will be considered as "running" if it shows output to stdout --- "Application terminated normally". (I have to...
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    SteamCMD Game Server on Synology - Docker?

    Help a NOOB! So I've had my Synology DS918+ for a while now and really like it so far. It runs a custom linux (DSM 6.2) which is both good and bad as it turns out. I need to install a working game server for games like cs:go, minecraft, ark. Problem: There are no ready-to-use server packets...