1. vs2-free-users

    bash snippet

    Hi, today i want to start a generic thread to post usefull bash snippets, onliners and so on :) . Happy coding and posting.
  2. H

    Trying to Build an App using bit torrent so it is decentrilized

    Hi all, call me Hal. I am here looking for the right people to work on a project to redefine the internet, give people the freedom I remember we had back when this whole thing started (I am a class of 2000 kinda guy). The wire frame for the project is attached, may need some revisions, I have...
  3. Johan_Perjus

    Who wants to develop a Desktop with me?

    Hello! I am a graphic designer and UI designer with some fresh ideas for a desktop environment, better than the ones that that are out there IMHO. Who wants to help code?
  4. blackneos940

    Why Do I Find It So Hard To Integrate Code From Elsewhere?

    Hey guys. :3 It is I, black! :3 Anywho, it seems that despite all my years of trying to understand Programming, I still have a hard time integrating existing Code into a Program I'm writing... :< Take for example this: public static void click(int x, int y) throws AWTException{ Robot bot =...
  5. G

    Just Arrived...

    Hi, I'm from Spain and I'm going into programming and, although I'm not new in Linux, I'm eager to adquire some solid foundations in programming and get used to Linux, so I can make my main SO. Hello to everyone!