bash history

  1. K

    How To: Multiple history files for Bash

    Detailed post: If you like to keep multiple terminals open for different purposes and you wanted a way to keep the command history for each of them, and keep them separate: Here is the relevant part of my ~/.bashrc # Create a directory for...
  2. X

    perfect bash history

    I've been trying to config my perfect bash history setup, but there's always something not working. scroll through commands from current bash session in chronological order, then scroll through commands from all other sessions, whether open or closed, in chronological order of the commands...
  3. N

    Add TimeStamp to command History

    Please kindly help me add date time on history command. I tried but not work on 1. login root 2. vi /etc/bashrc #add below command export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%F %T ' # su - [user] # echo $HISTTIMEFORMAT source /etc/bashrc ***** It can work on time but when I log out and login again. it go back...
  4. Rob

    Add timestamp + change history size in your linux history

    The Linux history command is awesome by default, but you can make it better! By default, it'll only hold about 1000 past commands, but you can increase that - you can also add time/date to it so you can see when you ran each command! In your ~/.bashrc file, simply add some lines like...