1. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Downloading and and Provide an local apt-mirror

    Hi there, like the headline says. I want to make an offline apt-mirror and also provide it via Apache2 there seem to be several possible ways on how to achive it (rsync, apt-mirror ...). Also one could get trigger a blacklist from an mirror like I learned from the past. I never understood how...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Doomsday Laptop / Data Prepping

    Hi, I want to create a doomsday Laptop with an apt repo for Debian and Ubuntu. Kiwix pages and Openstreetmap Data. Is there anything else, you would put on your doomsday Laptop, besides Media like Music and Videos?
  3. A

    Adding "groups" support to apt package manager

    Hi there! Hope you're doing well! It has been for a while since that time the first package manager (like apt) was introduced to Linux. The list of packages available has grown since then a lot, and is becoming wider and wider. And for a particular host, the list of packages available for...
  4. SpongeB0B

    [Solved] Install software offline, best way ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install ATOM editor on Devuan (this machine is off-line) On windows no problem at all to install it as portable application / off-line I've tried the following I've downloaded the .deb file and tried this apt install atom-amd64_160.deb --no-install-recommends...
  5. craigevil

    nala an improved apt

    https://salsa.debian.org/volian-team/nala https://gitlab.com/volian/nala usage: nala [--options] <command> commands: install install packages remove remove packages purge purge packages update update package list and upgrade...