1. P

    Ubuntu 20.04 fresh install microphone not working

    Hey guys, My microphone is not working. I know it's fine since it works on another OS. I posted a question here:
  2. JasKinasis

    Audio using dummy device....

    Here's a heads up about an unusual audio related problem I finally fixed on my laptop the other day (running Debian Testing). A couple of weeks ago I had my laptop plugged into one of our TV's via the HDMI port and had all of my audio routed through the TV so my wife and I could watch some...
  3. D

    How to configure alsa devices for USB Audio interface

    I have an ESI NeOn Audio/Midi interface with 4 input and 2 output channels. The device is old but audio out and midi seems to work with alsa/jack. However subdevices are not recognized and so I cannot use eg. Mic in to capture audio. Is there a way to manually configure alsa to see the card's...